Digital Marketing BUNDLE

In the current climate, it's time to take advantage of Digital Advertising & get your products to customers without them being able to come to you. This bundle gives you the tools to launch a Digital Campaign in only 3 days!




4 x Social Media Ads

These Ads can be used across the platforms of your choice, they are designed to ensure consistency across your brand & visually enhance your products/services directly to your target audience. These can be used seasonally or whenever you choose. That's the best part, these are YOURS to use when it suits YOU!


Landing Page

This is where your customers head to once they have clicked on the Social Media Ad. Similar to the page you are currently viewing, it can be personalised to match your campaign and branding style. With our step-by-step instruction guide you are easily able to upload alongside your current website which allows you to use web analytics along with your sales to measure the success of the campaign!


Thankyou Page

Once your customers have purchased, (which we know they will!) they will be directed to the "Thank you" page, this offers your customers a couple of links back to your main Website or Online Store. It can also automatically re-direct to your main Website if you choose.